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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Rabbit Really Died!

Okay, not really... but if we were back in the day, he would have! Now I just have a little plastic stick with some chemical paper reaction to say, "We're Pregnant!" Baby number five, due April 8, 2009, planning another home birth. This one will be an Aries... THAT should be fun! We were planning another Aquarian, but the universe had other plans.

We did see an OB, had an early ultrasound. That was new - I've never had one so early. There's actually a moving-around little baby in there! It's only about the size of a kumquat, apparently, although I swear I've felt it moving already!

Here's a "picture" of our little one:
If you can't tell, that round thing on the right is the head - the rest, kind of curling around on the left, is the body. (Baby's looking down). If you look close, you can see little arms and legs. We actually saw them waving around at us during the ultrasound!

We told the kids - Zoe is so excited she can hardly contain herself. We let her call and tell the grandparents. Dmitri got to tell them when the baby's coming. And he made it very clear that he wants a baby brother. Zoe wants a baby sister. So someone is gonna be disappointed... :x 
We're still tossing around name variations, but we know, at least, what the baby will be called. If it's a girl: Lucy; and if it's a boy: Luke. We've got all sorts of variations and spellings, though, from Lucille, Lucia, Lucida or Lucienne for a girl to Lucas, Lucius, and Lukanos for a boy. And more...

He/she will be named after both of his/her maternal grandmothers (they were both named Lucille) and a very good friend of ours, Luke, who passed away a few years ago. As for middle names, we may just go all egotistical with Dawn and Michael, who knows? :)

NOW we just have to try and stick to our guns and NOT find out the sex beforehand. I already have grandmothers who want to buy clothes, who are clamoring to know! Eek! I don't know if I can sit in the ultrasound room, and have the tech find out, and NOT ask. At first, I really wanted it to be a surprise, but now Michael says he doesn't care if it's a surprise - he'd be fine with knowing or waiting.

Sheesh. Make my life difficult why don't ya?!


Patty said...

Congraulations! I know it must be an excitiing time in your house.
I like the name you have chosen and I am sure you will think of the perfect middle name. As far as finding out the sex you might want to give it some thought and do it when the time comes. If you look around the stores now days you are going to find that they do not make as much un-sex clothing and decorations as they use to and base most things on either a boy or a girl since most people do know ahead. Of course that is up to you and a personal choice, so either way it is going to be a wonderful few months..Lots of good wishes for you all!!

Amy said...

Congratulations! :) Very exciting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the names!

I know you will thoroughly enjoy this journey!

Fabulously40 said...

Congrats! You must be so excited..and I am sure your other kids are too!

Most of them are probably used to having other kids around so there should not be any jealousy problems like i often see.