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Monday, March 17, 2008

Nobody Promised You...

We had to buy propane. Again. For the third time this winter. Buying this stuff in bulk is killing our budget. *sigh*

Whose idea was it again, to build our houses out of sticks and heat them with non-renewable energy sources? Because if I had the guy in front of me right now, I'd hit him so hard his grandchildren would feel it.

I keep telling myself, spring is almost here... almost here! The snow is finally melting, and I've got lots and lots of seeds ready for the garden. I'm starting some of them indoors this week so I can transplant them later (Michael is hanging up a full spectrum light in the laundry room over a table so I can start planting inside) and we're looking into square foot gardening. A friend sent me the book, which I think is a brilliant idea.

So M's got to build a chicken coop, bee hives, and raised beds for the garden... as soon as the ground unfreezes. While working 40+ hours a week. Eek!

A few weeks ago, he actually had a 60 hour work week... and got paid for 40. Nice, huh? He started out real slow, they gave him a few intakes, a few cases... then one of their employees went on medical leave and they dropped 70 clients in his lap at once. Which would have been bad enough. But then they had an audit (meaning, all the charts had to be updated before then, or they wouldn't get paid) coming up the following Monday!

And since this person who left on medical leave was already not feeling well before they left, the charts were all an absolute mess. So M was left to clean it all up, on a system he was just learning to begin with, and spent sixty hours of his time doing that (plus all his own work) and even went in on a SUNDAY. Just typing that sets my teeth on edge. GRR.

Another lesson in "Who said life was fair?" I suppose. Nobody promised me a rose garden, I know... but hey... a few roses now and again? That would be nice!


GreenStyleMom said...

Did you see that we are trying square foot gardening this summer also? We have to adapt it to our cohousing garden plot since we don't have raised beds, but I'm hoping it will work the same. And our seedlings just started popping up this morning! Very exciting.

We must be reading the same magazine because I've been on a chicken and bee kick also. Unfortunately, I can only daydream. I doubt cohousing would go for bees, and I KNOW they wouldn't let me get chickens. Maybe someday.

Sorry winter is getting long. Spring IS coming.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am doing SFG this year. You can read about my box-building and first plantings on my blog. Look for posts titled "Veggie Tales".