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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've been holding my breath, waiting...but it's official now. We're moving! 
More square footage, more bedrooms, closer to M's work, less land, 2 acres instead of 6, but I'm discovering that more land just equals more grass to mow! 

We can still have our garden and our chickens and our bees, though. And the best news - cable Internet!  WOOT!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Rabbit Died (I Wish!)

I've never liked the story of Peter Rabbit. We're supposed to be all sad and sorry for poor Peter, who was just looking for something to eat in Mr. McGregor's garden. And, of course, we know that the evil Mr. McGregor has previously shot and killed (and presumably eaten in a stew) Peter's father for getting into the garden.

But I've always leaned toward Mr. McGregor's side, and now I know why.

The rabbits ate my melons! (My organically grown very expensive melons, I might add!!)


AFTER: (I planted some winter squash and pumpkins in their place - they're just sprouting)

Talk about evil! They did that in ONE night, and the next night, they ate all my beet tops! (Not to mention eating right through the twine I use to section off my squares!)

BEFORE (front row, closest to you):

LOOK how pretty they were!:

And now, AFTER Bugs n Company had their fill:

This is another box they've gotten into, chewed through the twine... although I don't know what they're eating, because I just planted these, spinach and lettuce... I think they just did it to say, "Hey, where's our food, lady?!"

I found a recipe for "rabbit tea" (which isn't made of rabbits, although the way I feel about fluffy bunnies right now, I'd be happy to drink them through a straw!) that's supposed to keep them from eating anymore. 2 TBSP cayenne pepper and 2 TBSP garlic powder, put into a coffee filter and secured, with 32 ounces of hot water, left overnight. Then you add a TBSP of dishsoap (to make it stick to the leaves of plants) and spray.

It didn't work. They'd eaten about half the beet tops when I sprayed it. The next day, they were all gone. Guess it just served to spice up their dinner! GRRR

Michael says he's getting a gun. I'm thinking...Good! :P

The pole beans are wrapping nicely around our wire though, kind of neat!

And the pumpkins I planted are growing gangbusters (I'm going to grow them over the side and see if it works!)

And my spinach is bolting in the heat (I need shade cloth!) but the bunnies don't seem to mind the bitter taste!

Well, at least the sunflowers are growing nicely.

Almost ready to flower!

And our tiger lilies (is that what these are?)

Are simply gorgeous.


Now I just have to figure out what's putting all the holes in my cabbages!