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Friday, November 28, 2008

Visit to Santa

The local hardware store had a visit from Santa, so I took the littles to see him. I figured it would be less crowded than the mall. Hm. Maybe... not!

The kids had fun coloring, though.

And getting their faces painted. 

And writing letters to Santa (and coloring the back!) while they waited.

Until they finally got to see the "big guy."


I can't believe how big these two are getting! Not so little anymore! *sniff*

Friday, November 21, 2008


The museum had a cool insect display, so we decided to go.
Giant bugs!
And what was even cooler?
They moved!
The kids also got to go to a bug class. And see lots of different insects in cases.
(Some weren't in cases - I don't want to talk about the wolf spider that bit the handler and got away for a minute! Eek!
They made crafts too.
Totally fun!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ambiguous News

Finally, a good profile picture of the little guy!
Love how his little hand is curled up by his face...

Today was the "re-check" ultrasound, because he was in a funky position last time, and just a little too small for them to see everything they wanted, like the fingers, the toes, the four chambers of the heart, the spine...

The good news is, they found everything they needed this time, he's still a boy :D - and I got video. The bad news is, either the software or the USB cord isn't working to transfer it to the computer, so I can watch it, but you can't! Wahhh!

The ambiguous news... our little guy has a very teeny tiny slight curve in his spine. There's no evidence of spina bifida, or a neural tube defect or anything like that. His mobility isn't effected, and there are no other defects that they can find in the heart, brain, etc.

Of course, all the literature I can find on the Internet conflicts, and varies from: "We conclude that abnormal spinal curvature in the fetus is a significant finding, whether mild or severe" to "Spinal curves are relatively common in the general population. Most curvatures are mild to moderate, while only a small percentage severe enough to warrant treatment."

So reassuring.


I don't know if the OB is going to want follow-up ultrasounds but my guess is that he is. *sigh* What I hate is not knowing for sure. And I'm having flashbacks of my pregnancy with Blake, where they found his kidney "slightly enlarged" at sixteen weeks. The cascade of interventions that followed, including an ultrasound every four weeks after that, an amniocentesis at 38 weeks to check lung maturity, and an induction soon after... ugh. Just the thought of it makes me want to cry.

And of course, there was all the awful, painful testing afterward, to find out that nothing was wrong with him at all...

This is what happens, I guess, when you open Pandora's box.

The doc who came in said, "I can't guarantee anything, but this seems very slight, and there are no other indicators. My guess is that some day he'll get an x-ray and say, 'Hey, mom, did you know I have a slight curve in my spine?'"

We can hope, I suppose, but in the mean time, I'm hormonal...and except for that perfectly rounded string of pearls without a little dip in the middle, I don't know the difference between what's normal and isn't - and when you mention "spine" and "abnormality" in the same sentence, a pregnant woman has a tendency to panic...

So I'm trying not to look at this as bad news, but rather... ambiguous news. We don't really know. Could be something. Could be nothing.

Unfortunately, you can't shut Pandora's box. Once it's open, you just have to live with it.

Sometimes I think denial isn't such a bad thing after all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex

The sex of our baby is......

(You did realize I was talking about that kind of sex, right? )




I thought for sure we were having a girl. My pattern so far has been girl, boy, girl, boy... so I was in line for a girl. And we both wanted a boy, so that, of course, meant for sure it would be a girl...

But it's A BOY!

Now to go break Zoe's heart and tell her it's not a sister...


Oh, and I have to go back in ten days, because I'm 18w2d and they couldn't see as much as they wanted and baby was being VERY obstinate about position (he was breech and comfy and not moving thankyouverymuch!)

So more pictures and a video next time!
psst... did I mention? It's  A BOY!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things Overheard While Voting...

Things I overheard this morning while voting:

"I love that Sarah Palin. She believes everything I do. I'm so lucky."

"I'm just voting the way God told me to vote."

"I saw on the TV this morning, there were long lines in Detroit already, before the polls even opened."
"Really? What color were they?"
"It was Detroit, what color do you THINK they were?"
"Jeez, are you sure it wasn't the welfare line?"

Wow. Me, I just stood in line with my lips zipped until I could get out of there. The kids are off school for 'voting day' so we were tag-team voting.

I got home and told Michael. He was still in the shower.
Sticking his wet head out, he exclaimed, "Are you making this up?"


Like I could make this stuff up!? Like I have to?
Go vote.
Who knows what you're going to overhear!?