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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Autumn's High School Graduation

Autumn graduated from high school today.

Strange, to see the sea of red and white again, 20 years later... she graduated from the same high school I did! There are actually still teachers there who taught when I was in school! *eek*

Here she is, walking up to the stage.

Getting ready to get her diploma!

The big moment!

Say cheese!

Congratulations, Autumn!


Napaboaniya said...

Congratulations to Autumn!!! :)

My daughter is currently studying in my elementary school and I still my ex-teachers teaching there :P
I normally hide away!! *lol*

Amy said...

Wow, congratuations Autumn!

I can't even imagine how strange it must have felt to be at CVHS watching your kid graduate. That had to feel so very, very strange. But in a way, good? I hope so!

Where did they hold it? Looks like it was outside somewhere. Hope that everyone played nice and enjoyed the day...it's a day to celebrate!