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Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Zoe!

Seven! I can't believe it.

Our little five pound Zoe-bird has grown up to a tall, lanky seven year old princess!

Zoe wanted purple flowers on her cake:

And purple and yellow balloons:

She picked out a special balloon of her own:

She wanted a pinata, and choose a Bratz one:

And then got to beat the heck out of it!

All of her friends came and she got lots of presents:

Make a wish, Zoe!

The girls had a blast, putting on temporary tattoos and decorating their fairy hats, and everyone went home with balloons!

And of course, she had to have a cake at Grandma's too!
Chocolate this time - her request.

And she got the very thing she wanted for her birthday!

Happy Seventh Birthday, Zoe!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! I love all her different headgear...the hat and the headbands are adorable...very girly. :)

How's the garden coming? I'm curious to see!