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Monday, June 23, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow?

It's definitely growing! You can even see it from a distance!

Michael just built a new box for my melon plants - it's brand new, I haven't even had time to put the squares in yet!

He got all the posts in for our vertical growers (some of which are getting big - those melons really need something to climb up soon!) and you can see the metal roll of fencing in the foreground he's going to attach to the posts. He also bought enough wood to build another box, so that's in the works as well.

Most of my plants are growing quite well.

Nice and neat in their little squares!

Those are pole beans in the back.

The cabbage is getting BIG! But I think it has a little mildew, and something is eating it! GRR. And there's one sad little broccoli plant there on the left...I'm not sure what happened to him...

But my spinach is gorgeous!

My cucumbers are coming up, and I've just planted a bunch more spinach and lettuce in front of it for a later harvest.

The pepper plants are starting to plump up nicely:

And I'm even growing celery! (although everyone says they're not going to eat it! lol)

Look at these gorgeous beets!

And these radishes will be the very first thing we harvest - look, you can already see them!

Gardening has proved to be quite an exciting endeavor!

I can't wait to eat it all - tomatoes, eggplant, cantaloupe, brussels sprouts... MMM!

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SmartlikeStreetcar said...

I am very proud of your garden!