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Friday, January 18, 2008

Teen Slang

Half the time I can't understand what the heck my older kids are saying. I often have to ask for a translation. Here are some terms I've learned since they hit the teen years:

Bad - an adjective that means "good"
Biscuits - old shoes
Bling - anything shiny, specifically jewelry
Booyah or booya - used to express happiness or accomplishment. Can also mean ‘gotcha'
BF, GF: abbreviation for "boyfriend" or "girlfriend."
BF4L: abbreviation "best friends for life"
BFF: best friends forever
Busted: In my day, it meant to get in trouble. Today, it means "ugly." Go figure!
Cheddar: money/cash
Crew - a term that means "a bunch of friends"
Crib - house or apartment
Four eleven - information, news
Grill - face (Get your finger outta my grill)
Ghetto - raw, raunchy
Hang - spend time with
Loved up - this verb can mean in love, been loved or even on drugs - particularly ‘ecstasy'
Minute - a long time
My bad - sorry, didn't mean it
Chillaxin: cross between "chillin'" and "relaxin'
Crunk: cross between "crank" and "drunk" and for some reason it means "awesome!"
Emo: it was once a category of music, but now it means someone who listens to those songs, or someone who is the rather depressed type.
G: a friend
Home skillet: also a friend
Money: cool - as in "That's so money!"
MOS, DOS, POS: abbreviation for "mom over shoulder" or "dad over shoulder" or "parent over shoulder."
Off the chain: cool
OMG: abbreviation for "oh my god!"
Peepz - friends or people you're hanging out with
Poppin' - happening (What's poppin'?)
Pops - your own dad or someone else's dad
Posse or Possy- a group of friends
Punk - fool someone
Rides: sneakers
Tope: cross between "tight" and "dope" - means "cool"
Whacked - weird or crazy
Wanksta: a "white gangsta"
Wigger: a white... well... a white person trying to be African-American...
X - the drug ‘ecstasy'


ToddleBits said...

Wow...I keep realizing more and more just how out of touch I am with what's going on with kids today.

Just makes me feel older! Thanks! :)

Gabriel said...

I liked this glossary; I'm sharing it with my blog's readers as well (with your permission, I hope)