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Monday, January 14, 2008

Toilet Zone

I TiVo'd a bunch of Twilight Zone episodes on the New Year's Day marathon and we've been watching them a few episodes at a time after dinner. Michael loves them - and I honestly haven't watched that many of them. I just saw the infamous "To Serve Man" for the first time.

Nothing like nine foot alien man-eaters!

"It's a cookbook!"

Hey, I just learned last year what "Soylent Green is people!" meant!

We were watching the episode, "Two," a sweet Twilight Zone love story where Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Mongomery are the last two survivors of a nuclear war - and just happen to be on opposing sides. Of course.

Michael thinks Montgomery's hot in her army uniform.

And she even cleans up fairly well...

I didn't think Bronson was too bad, myself. Who knew?

Dmitri came in while we were watching and rolled his eyes. "Not again!"


"You guys watch this every day!"

"So? You watch cartoons every day."

"Yeah, but that's different."

"How come?"

"Because it's not the Toilet Zone!"

I guess he has a point...

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