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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock Bird Repellent?

It's The Birds!


We're being taken over!!

And they're getting closer... and closer... and closer!

The other morning it was the geese. We have a creek that runs through the back of our property that they must be attracted to in their trek toward a warmer climate. And apparently, geese are pretty early risers. Like five in the morning early. And they like to talk to each other, these geese.




Then, it was the ducks. We have a little marshy spot next to the house, between ours and the neighbors, that seems to be a duck-magnet. I think it must be the bugs. They see it and think: YUM! It's a duck's version of the Big Boy Breakfast Bar! So we have flocks of them crowding in, way too freaking early in the morning, jostling for space at the bug-bar!
This morning, it was a woodpecker. We have satellite TV, and they decided to put the satellite itself on the side of the house. First, so they wouldn't have to go up onto the roof and fix it if there was a problem. Second, it would be accessible for us if snow blocked the satellite. Makes sense to me... Of course, no one considered that we just made the perfect woodpecker perch!


Is someone at the door? What the heck? The dogs start barking, and there's that knocking again...


Definitely not the door... it's coming from the side of the house... I look out our bedroom window, and there's a little redheaded woody sitting on top of our satellite and pecking holes in the wood siding. Terrific!

What's next?

Crows coming down the fireplace flue? Owls in the attic?

I'm almost afraid to get chickens, now!

Do they make Alfred Hitchcock Bird Repellent?


Amy said...

We have woodpeckers too. Like you, it took me a while to figure out the noise.

I've heard hanging big black garbage bags where they are going (mine are always in one specific spot, though that spot can move over time) helps. They mistake it for a bat and get freaked out.

Or, you could get lucky and just happen to have bats. :) We don't, but lots of people I know do.

~*Dawn*~ said...

Hey, we have a "build a bat house" kit! Time to get that baby out! :)

Nicki said...

Haha - you said woody!!!!!!!

Definitely make sure if you get chickens that they have a *covered* coop to escape to. Where there are birds like you describe, there are definitely tons and TONS of hawks :-/

~*Dawn*~ said...

I say, I say, I say boy... you mean chicken hawks really exist??