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Friday, September 21, 2007


Okay, so I'm a wus! Okay, so I don't like mice or bugs or dirt or anything creepy or crawly!

But I swear to you, the biggest, blackest spider I have ever seen just crawled across my carpet, disappeared under my bookcase, and I CAN'T FIND IT!


I'm now perched up on the arm of my couch, laptop in my lap, spider spray on the coffee table, waiting for it to appear again. Unfortunately, Michael's at work, and "Going home to kill arachnids" isn't an acceptable reason to leave work... even if I give him a note signed "Epstien's Mother."

You should have seen this thing. Huge, I tell you. HUGE! I screamed out loud and said, "Oh my God!" so loud the dogs started barking at it! Which probably hastened its retreat under the bookcase, which prevented me from squishing it with my husband's size ten and a half boots (the ones with the revolutionary lacing system... he tells me that every time he puts them on... at least they're good for something!)

I'm actually afraid to walk barefoot in the house now. The only other time I've seen a bigger one was at the old house, climbing up the wall near the door. Michael chased it outside, and it was apparently a Mama Wolf Spider--they carry their baby sacks around behind their backs--and it literally REARED UP when he went to kill it, and then all the babies burst out when he squished it, and he had to kill THOSE too.

(I squealed and moaned and rolled around on the couch the entire time he told me this story, and I heralded his bravery, of course, to the utmost extreme!)

Just last night, I was reading a gardening book, anticipating the spring and nice, plump, ripe vegetables... until I got to the part about the insects. There are apparently these bugs that eat your garden stuff whose defense is some sort of stinging/burning sensation when you touch them. (I forget the name already!) And there is, apparently, not really a good solution to getting rid of them, other than donning gloves, pulling them off your plants, and SQUISHING them!


Some gardener I'm gonna make. *gulp*

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Amy said...

Just wait until the day when you find a mouse in your house. Spiders and bugs are nothing to seasoned country dwellers.

I've only found DEAD mice, in my basement, in traps set by the Terminix guy who came when our house had a nasty case of carpenter ants. But nearly everyone I know has found LIVE mice in their houses at some point or another.

I have one friend who tells me mice are nothing; it's the BATS that really can freak you out when they fly through your kitchen.

Welcome to country living!