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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Secret?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of The Secret...

Not that, you know, it really is a big secret or anything. The idea of The Law of Attraction has been around since... well, probably since before there were humans. I mean, that's kind of what those "Law" things are. They exist, apriori, and we discover and name them. Usually after the egoic scientists who discover them. Like Newton's Laws, or Boyle's Law or Occam's Razor (which is the only one I think is really cool, just because of the way it sounds.)

Now, granted, those are scientific laws/theories. The Secret, or The Law of Attraction, is more a new-age kind of philosophy than a "law" exactly. Although, on some level, I really do think it works.

The Law of Attraction basically says that you get what you think about--your thoughts determine your experience.

It's an interesting concept. Yes, I know it has no basis whatsoever in scientific thought. In spite of the supposed roots in quantum physics (i.e. thoughts have energy that attracts like energy) it's definitely not a quantifiable thing. But, since you already know I'm incredibly gullible, I fall into the "it can't hurt, and it might help" school of thought. So why not?
You're supposed to do four things:

1. Know what you want and ask for it. Meaning, ask God, or the "universe." However you qualify that thing that moves the world, that's greater than we are.

2. Be grateful for what you have, and be enthusiastic/grateful for what you want.
3. Imagine and act as if you already have what you want.

4. Be open to receiving what you want.

And the last part... don't think about what you DON'T have or DON'T want. Think about not having only perpetuates not having. Scarcity breeds scarcity. Prosperity breeds prosperity.

Does it work?

Well... anecdotally, yes. For example, when we wanted this house, I made this:

We put it on our computer backgrounds and we printed several copies and hung them all over. We began to "act as if." As if it was already our home. It felt like our home, it really did. And it quickly became our home.

Now, we're looking to sell our old house. In a really bad housing market. And we haven't done anything, so far, "secret-like," in order to try to manifest that. We've just listed it and hoped. It's been months, and I still feel like I'm holding my breath, and I realized... doh! Wrong attitude! That isn't gonna get the house sold...

So today, I made this:

I put it on my computer background, Michael put it on his (home and work) and I printed out several copies to hang around the house.

Now it's time to start acting "as if." So send some "SOLD!" house vibes our way, will ya? The more energy in that direction, the better...

Can't hurt, and it could help... right?

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Titania Starlight said...

I stopped by to say thank you for commenting on my T13. Your was so cute. I am all into the Secret. You are so right it has been around for quite awhile. Maybe this will start a surge of goodness throughout the world. We all could do with some positivity in our lives. :o)