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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He's BACK!

And he's HUGE! I'm telling you!

And fast! I have the Speedy Gonzales of spiders living IN MY HOUSE!

I'm pretty sure it's a Wolf Spider.


It waits until JUST I'm here, I swear. No one else has seen it. But I'm not crazy--it's here! Watching. Waiting. He knows I'm paralyzed by him when he runs out from under the furniture.

I've had lots of good advice on how to kill him.

Hairspray. Apparently Aquanet renders spiders not only dead but stiff enough for display!

Capture and set free. Ha! As if I could come anywhere near enough to HANDLE this thing!?

Bug spray. Sure. Great idea. Except when I approach it, it rears up and practically hisses at me!

Supersonic bug machines. Okay. If i get to wear them as body armor!

I think I'll borrow an anvil from Wylie Coyote or something.

Which would help with THIS spider, but to add to my list of useless information I didn't ever need to know, according to Law and Order last night, "Wherever you are in the world, you are never more than six feet away from a spider."

Oh, great.

Michael went on a bug hunt and ransacked the whole house last night. No spider. But I SAW it! I did! He said he was going to hook up a "cricket trap" (you know, like you do to catch bunnies?) They went out cricket hunting but didn't catch one last night.

They left me alone again with it today and I'm sure the spider knows it. I stayed up in my room again, but I was totally paranoid it came up here in the night.

I wish they couldn't walk on walls.

If Michael doesn't present me with a spider corpse soon... I don't care if we just unpacked... I'm moving!


Samantha Lucas said...

OMG! I've had two of those in my house...at different times, but freaking hell they're scary!!!

grace said...

How scary!! I heard that cats scare the spiders away..if it is true, then you should get a cat?

~*Country Dawn*~ said...

I have TWO cats!!! The problem is, this thing is SO FAST!


UKZoe said...

aarrrggghhhhhhhhhhh! I am so glad I'm not in your house! Thats big!

Madame Rubies said...

Wold spiders travel in pairs and like damp places. I used to get them all the time when we were having underground plumbing issues. Be careful, b/c the mamas carry their babies and if you kill them, the babie scatter. It is creepy.

Leeann said...

AAHHHHH! Heck no, that thing is NOT living in MY house! I totally would have moved out before now. Bug sprays, screaming and pest control people would have already happened through the house. No! NO! NO! I can't even look at the pic! AAAHHHH!

Kass said...

Two things you can use, bleach water and hotshot bug spray, not at the same time! The bleach water is the easiest, cheapest and probably most effective, but then you have to watch where you're spraying it. Hotshot comes out in a stream (think for wasps nests) and then you wont have to get anywhere near it. Ick. Good luck!

Davanni said...

Don't Kill that Wolf Spider! Wolf Spiders are scary to look at but they are non aggressive.They don't seek out humans and are most likely more afraid of you. That's why he is so fast. Wolf spiders do bite, but the venom is not fatal to humans. The benefit of Wolf spiders is pest control. They will eat all of the other spiders in your house. Especially the Brown Recluse and the Hobo spiders which are much more dangerous to humans than the Wolf Spider. I have a pet Wolf Spider and they are fascinating creatures. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" How do you think you look to that spider. He or she is just as terrified. The reason they are called Wolf Spiders is because they don't use a web to catch their prey like most spiders. They hunt and track down their prey like a Wolf. If you don't want it in your house try to catch it and release it far away from your home. Or make it a pet. Depending on size they eat anything from insects, crickets and spiders to a small mouse.
Good Luck