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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Canvassing the Country

We used to get Jehovah's Witnesses all the time when we lived in the suburbs. The houses were very close together, and it was easy to canvas a whole neighborhood without too much effort, I'm sure. They never bothered me (aside from having to get up and answer the door!) and I would just smile, take their literature, and thank them. We just had lots of Watchtowers in the recycling bin.

The only time they really bothered me was when they accosted the twelve-year-old. They had apparently done so on the street, while he was riding his bike, and I hadn't heard about it. Until they showed up at my door the following week, saying, "We talked to your son, Blake, and we'd like to follow up with him..."

That was the only time I've handed their literature back to them, saying, "My son is a minor and you have no right to speak to him on any subject or occasion. Please don't ever do so again." I don't mind anyone's enthusiasm or passion for their religion and I don't even begrudge them wanting to "spread the word"--but if you're going to do it, you'd better target adults, not children.
This isn't Jesus Camp.

I hadn't really thought about it, but I assumed we wouldn't get too many canvassers out this way. Today, I received my first Watchtower in my new house. I was sitting at the kitchen table, reading a book and eating toast when the dogs started barking. Now, this isn't unusual. We have neurotic dogs who are used to barking when the wind blows. I just peeked out the window to make sure--but to my surprise, there was a car coming up the driveway!

Two well-dressed young women with clipboards got out, and I had visions of CPS flashing in my head. (Some of you will know why!) So I was actually relieved when they presented me, all smiles, with a Watchtower. I just smiled and thanked them and shut the door.

The only difference here is, now the Watchtower went into the bonfire pile instead of the recycling bin.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Dark Daughta said...

I encountered them once at our last house. I recognized them because they were so over the top clean cut looking. I spoke to them before they spoke to me. I asked them something like: "Have you come to talk with us about god?" or "are you christians?" They looked a little startled and said: "Yes." I said: "Well, we're not." trying to find a useful self naming with the least amounts of words and therefore reducing the possible spaces they could use to lengthen our interaction I said: "We're pagans." To which they said: "So, you haven't read the bible?" I, smiling, told them the truth: "Oh, I have. Three times, cover to cover. Very interesting reading. Wonderful stories." Their lips just sort of flapped. Me and my family took that moment to move from the car into the house, closing the door behind us. :)