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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tagged: 8 Random Things About Me

Amy at How Many Lives tagged me...

Since we've known each other since fifth grade, I'll forgive her...

Okay... so here we go...

The Rules.

Post the rules before you give the facts. Post eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names. Leave the people you tagged a comment on their blog, letting them know that they've been tagged.

8 random facts about AmyDawn......

1. I once dated Amy's brother. If you can count that funny sort of kid "going together" when you're twelve/thirteen as "dating."

2. I lived with Amy's family for several months when I was sixteen, after my parents lost our house in foreclosure. Her mother was extremely generous, but Amy and I both learned why best friends shouldn't live together for too long...

3. I once drove to Pittsburg--there and back in a day from Detroit--with Amy, to see Kyle Vincent open for Joe Cocker. (Yes, we drove almost 300 miles to see an opening act!) I also got a traffic ticket on the way back--I have no idea what state we were in--and I never did pay it. I bet if I got pulled over again in that state, I'd be arrested!

4. I once slept overnight in a tree fort fifteen feet off the ground- with Amy - in the middle of the woods, when we were elevenish, I think. We told each of our parents we were sleeping over the other's house. As a parent now, when I think about what COULD have happened to us...!?

5. Amy and I once ate a whole chocolate cream pie together while sitting under an overpass.

6. We also managed to steal and polish off an entire plate of her sister's Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.
Boy, was her sister MAD! But they were good cookies!

7. I stood up in Amy's wedding. She was married right around Christmas, and chose beautiful black velvet dresses for her bridesmaids. (At least she had good taste!)

8. Amy and I got into a fight and stopped talking to each other for nearly a year as seniors in high school, but then reconciled just before we went off to college in the fall. I'm glad we did.

Okay... I'm supposed to tag EIGHT people!?

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There... now, I'm going to hide so no one can tag me back!


painted maypole said...

i love that you made your random facts also about the friend who tagged you! clever!

Christine said...

OMGosh! That was hard to think of 8 things about myself... LOL

Amy said...

Wow, so they're all about me, eh? Holy crap, we go way back. A few thoughts:

#3: Actually, Kyle Vincent was opening for Bryan Adams (it was Rick Springfield that we went to that opened for Joe Cocker, but that was the summer afterwards, I digress). We were in Michigan when you got the ticket, as I recall, down near Monroe somewhere, so don't get pulled over again!

#4: The tree fort. Holy crap, remember that, with the radio that got TV sounds? I still can't believe we did that.

#5: Have I blocked out a pie somewhere? I want that pie back! I need details to remember this one.

#6: This one too. Have I blocked out all sweets from memory these days??? And...How Pissed Was She?

#8: I was trying to remember what the fight was about. I can't remember that either. I truly don't remember. And don't remind me if you do, because I'm just glad we stopped fighting after that. :)


Dawn said...

OMG that's right it WAS Bryan Adams. Joe Cocker was the night I "didn't get to meet Rick." lol I can't believe you don't remember the chocolate cream pie... we bought it at Kroger's and carried it all the way to the trestle. We were SO sick after. Ask Mandy if she remembers the cookies. She was REALLY mad. :x As for the fight, yep, I remember. But I won't remind you. lol