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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3: 13 Yoga Poses I Can Do

13 Yoga Poses I Can Do

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

2. Fish Pose

3. Heron Pose

4. Gate Pose

5. Warrior I Pose

6. Warrior II Pose

7. Tree Pose

8. Upward Facing Dog

9. Half Lord of the Pigeons Pose

10. Salutation Seal Pose

11. Cobra Pose

12. Lotus Pose

13. Savasana (Corpse Pose)

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Thursday Thirteen Participants

1. Blue Momma

2. jenn

3. Thomma Lyn

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WorksForMom said...

wow, i'd say you are FLEXIBLE girl!!

Blue Momma said...

OMG, I feel old, tired and even fatter just looking at the photos!

Journeywoman said...


Mine's up.

Lori said...

I took a Yoga class once...I sucked but i always felt better. Great list. Happy TT.

Nicholas said...

Well, that's 13 more than I can do!

Bloggers said...

My daughter does yoga.

I never much was big into exercise. I guess my ass shows that to be true.
My 13 is up on

Working at Home Mom

Lauren said...

Your blog title is my dream life...some day I want to own my own big piece of land. Sounds great!

I have to say the corpse pose is my favorite yoga position. I do that one a lot... :)

jenn said...

I can do #13!
I'll need to lose weight before I can attempt the others.
Happy TT!

Julie Q. said...

I love that your TT header today is a pretzel. Very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I had the same thought as Julie about the pretzel! I've never done yoga, but I think it would be fun -- and very good for me, too!

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine!

Joyismygoal said...

Me too but #9 is not as tight as that one it is so good for my head and body too:>

Denise Patrick said...

I'm amazed - since I can't do yoga at all. Congrats to you for your flexibility!

Happy TT!

Damozel said...

Wow. I thought they would be joke poses or something. I am feeling sort of inspired---this might be just what I need for my chronically out of order upper back (?)

JHS said...

So which photo is of you? :-) Boy, you must be really limber . . . if I got into some of those positions, I would remain there indefinitely, unable to unwrap.

Thanks for dropping by!

Siani said...

You must be very fit to be able to do all those. My arthritic neck and spine would protest horribly if I so much as tried, LOL.