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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funny Sunday Morning

I bought cereal for the fourteen-year-old who was visiting this weekend, and the littles are on a sugar high.

Zoe insisted: "I want the frog cereal breakfast!"

Michael: "You mean, Sugar Smacks?"

"They're not called Sugar Smacks anymore." I laughed. "They're Honey Smacks."

"Smart marketing move on their part."

"I want Smacks! I want Smacks!"

Michael: "You know, Daddy once won a prize drawing the Sugar Smacks frog."

Dmitri perks up. "Do you still have it?"

Michael laughs. "I don't have any drawings left from when I was a kid, except the ones grandma kept. I don't think she hung onto that one."

"No, not the drawing, the prize!" Zoe insists, understanding her brother's question better than any of us.

"No, sweetie, I don't think Daddy still has his froggie decoder ring."

Dmitri stands up and squeals: "Mom, look! I found a dime with Jesus on it!"

"Ummmm..." Squinting down at the Canadian dime, I reply, "Not exactly, honey. That's Queen Elizabeth."

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