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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shop-a-holic In Training

The kids' school is running a Christmas Candy Cane Shop fundraiser. You send your kid to school with $10 and they return with the cheapest plastic toys ever made (usually somewhere in China) for their brothers and sisters and the sort of perfume that comes in a gallon jug and stings when you put it on just for mom and either a #1 Dad keychain or mug for... well, dad. Sounds like fun, right?

Zoe sure thought so. She reminded us no less than a dozen times last night. "Remember, we need real money to go to the Christmas shop. REAL money. Dollar bills. Or a check."


This morning, twenty minutes before the alarm went off, she threw open our bedroom door, "Did you remember about the Christmas shop? Did you put REAL money in the envelope?"

Yes, Zoe.

Five minutes later: "Are you getting up yet?"

Five minutes after that, "Can I buy something for mybestfriendJordan?" It's never just "Jordan." It's always mybestfriendJordan - all one word.

We'll see, Zoe.

Michael groaned when the door opened again and turned the alarm off for good as Zoe asked yet again, "Is it time to go to school yet?"

In a minute, Zoe.

"She's awfully excited about this shopping thing," I sighed.

"She's a girl." Michael reminded me. "Isn't it in the genes?"

I shrugged. "I'm not that bad...am I?"

He snorted. "Shall I remind you of the $1400 vaccum cleaner?"

"Well, at least it's only $10."

"Yeah... this year... what about when she's sixteen?"

"Good point."

I think we're in trouble.

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Marla said...

Oh my. My daughter did this at school too before she was homeschooled. I would give her the money and she would come home with a bunch of worthless crap. Drove me crazy.