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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15: 13 Unusual New Years Resolutions

13 Unusual New Years Resolutions

1. Spend more time with other people's friends and families.

2. Give up assassinating fascist dictators for money.

3. Volunteer at a date-an-inmate fundraiser.

4. Give up playing "Tickle The Wild Polar Bear."

5. Learn how to fly airplanes into tall buildings.

6. Quit licking frogs at pet stores to see which ones are hallucinogenic before I buy them as kids' pets.

7. Cut up other people's credit cards.

8. Make time to stop and smell the armpits.

9. Stop going to random funerals just to get the collectible cards.

10. Have mercy on Peeps and stop exploding them in the microwave for stress relief.

11. Smoke only when on fire.

12. Get a gym membership for my gerbil.

13. Lose every other pound.


Thursday Thirteen Participants
1. Nicholas
2. SandyCarlson
3. ellen b
4. sobeit
5. On a Limb with Claudia
6. susiej
7. Susan Helene Gottfried
8. Moondancer Drake
9. pussreboots
10. Mom in Training
11. Grace
12. Natalie
13. Alice
14. maryt
15. Michelle (Un-Mainstream Mom)
16. Harris Channing

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Nicholas said...

Unusual is right! Probably quire easy to keep, too!

Lazy Daisy said...

I could live with those. Very funny! Happy New Year!

MondaythroughSunday said...

he, he, very fun!

Sandy Carlson said...

This is very funny! Funeral trading cards--what an idea. We attended a funeral at which there were four different cards. We were waiting to find them in our cereal box the next day!

ellen b. said...

Wait, am I missing something. Are there really funeral trading cards? fun tt!

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Great list, I enjoyed it very much! Come take a look at the most popular resolutions of the New year!


DrillerAA said...

I like licking the frogs...try just eating the legs to see if they taste like chicken. Great list. I think I may skip TT this week, but I will have a post up about a near misadventure for Christmas. It will probably be Friday before I get it posted.

Happy New Year and TT.

sobeit said...

What a fun way to look at resolutions...don't think I will write any this year. I never follow through! Come over to my TT when you have a chance! Happy TT!


Open Grove Claudia said...

How fun! I am always amazed at the resolutions - and these are doozies. I liked "giving up killing fascists for money". I guess the market is a bit saturated.

Happy TT!

My TT is up: Thirteen people who inspired me in 2007

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this wonderful list -- seems definitely doable! Happy New Year.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That Peeps one is hysterical! Oh, my -- I know people who DO need to work on that!

Happy TT!

Moondancer said...

Hey I use to own one of those frogs. :)

Happy TT


pussreboots said...

Funny list this week. Happy TT.

Candy said...

Hahaha! I also did 13 resolutions but I think I like yours better. Thanks for the laugh! :o)

Natalie said...

Hehehehe, those are certainly funny!

My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)

Yen said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh:)

Here's mine for this week!
Thursday 13
Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

Imma (Alice) said...

This is a good list of resolutions for this year. LOL. Great for a laugh.

Happy T13!

the teach said...

You are one crazy, but funny lady! All the best for the New Year!

Michelle O. said...

Very fun! I think those were great.

Harris Channing said...

Hey Dawn,

Thanks for the chuckle!