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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7: 13 Worst Halloween Treats

1. Healthy Stuff: Boxes of Raisins, Pencils, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes (I'm sorry, but it's Halloween... that means candy!)

2. Spider Rings, Plastic Toys, or Loose Change (again, nice try, but no)

3. Most Hard Candy, especially Dum-Dums and Jawbreakers (i.e. Fireballs) Halloween candy should be chewy, and preferably contain chocolate.

4. Peanut butter kisses – the stuff wrapped in orange and black paper

5. Black Licorice

6. Circus peanuts

7. Bit O'Honey

8. Popcorn balls

9. Necco Wafers

10. Wax Teeth, Lips, Bottles, etc.

11. Red and White Pinwheel Peppermints

12. Good N Plenty

13. Rocks

Note: 90% of parents admit they steal candy out of their children’s Halloween bags.
10% are lying.


Thursday Thirteen Participants
1. ellen b
2. OverAnalyzed
3. Sleeping Mommy
4. damozel
5. pussreboots
6. julia

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ellen b said...

Ha! I agree with all but bit o honey and good and plenty! Ya gotta like that black licorice flavor though...

kellyo75 said...

Yeah, and the black licorice smell gets all over your bag. Yuck. I do love me some bit o' honey. When I was a kid, I would go to town and trick or treat at all the stores. One place gave flippin' INCENSE. It was so gross. Especially since the store before that gave red licorice. Nice combo...blech!

jenn said...

I love the good and plentys. Feel free to send yours my way!!
Happy TT!

Sleeping Mommy said...

I could not agree with you more about these.


damozel said...

Boy you are SO right. I remember those awful peanut butter toffees, which you'd hang on to till there was nothing left and then get all over your teeth. I didn't mind Necco wafers so much, but about those circus peanuts: who eats them? seriously, I've never met anyone who does. But someone must or they wouldn't still sell them (?)

pussreboots said...

While I personally agree with you, my son is just the opposite. He is thrilled when he gets toy rings, healthy snacks and those little waffer things.

julia said...

You've read my mind!

Nicholas said...

Giving out toothpaste to trick or treaters is a very low down trick, I thinkn!