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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why Haven't They Made a Vaccine For THIS?!

We're getting satellite Internet. The wireless-connection thing isn't working out. It goes out constantly. Drives me crazy.

The guy called yesterday to set up installation for this afternoon.

Of course, this morning, I woke up with the stomach flu.

And Michael had to go to work--had something he couldn't miss.

So I changed the cat litter, did the dishes and vaccumed, in the midst of breaking out into a cold sweat and puking. How fun.

The guy said he'd be here by noonish. I called his cell around 2pm, and he was all confused. "I think I mixed you up with someone else when I scheduled with you."

Oh. Great. So he's coming out tomorrow.

At least the house is clean for tomorrow, even if I had to practically kill myself in the process.

Except the dishes.

Michael's making dinner for himself and the kids. (I'm not eating. The thought of food at this point is about as appealing to me as signing up for an 8 am Calculus class is to a college student.)

But I know better than to expect him to put a dish in the dishwasher. *sigh*

When anyone else is sick, they get everything done for them--usually all by me. But when I'm sick? I get the equivalent of "Walk it off, ya baby!"

Oh well.

If I die before tomorrow morning, someone please tell them I want the following on my tombstone:

"I told you I was sick!"


Sandy said...

he he, this made me laugh. I know exactly how you feel. Moms just cannot get sick.

Amy said...

This must be universal. I had pneumonia last year. Freaking PNEUMONIA! And it was the same story at my house.

I hope you feel better!