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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Columbo's Indian Parts

Sometimes we have to gently correct the misguided or overly P.C. myths that public education still insists on teaching... and of course, our children's interpretations of them.
Dmitri climbed into bed with me this morning, all excited about their school's Thanksgiving Feast today and said, "My teacher says Columbo took a boat here so we'd all know the world is round."

"Well, sort of. His name was Christopher Columbus. And in 1492, the year he sailed to America, was the year the globe was first invented. We pretty much already knew the world was round."

(The first globe actually noted in history was the 1492 world globe made by the German map-maker Martin Behaim.)

"He discovered pilgrims."

"No, the pilgrims came over a different ship."

"Well, he discovered Indians."

"Yes, that's true." Sort of. I decided that we'd discuss ethnocentricity and the rape of the Native American people due to the forward domination of the Europeans later.

"There's another word for Indians and that's Native Americans."

Ahhh the P.C.ness of public schools. "That's right."

"Grandma says I'm part Indian."

"Yes, that's true." On his father's side. One of Michael's ancestors was a Native American princess of sorts.

"Which part?" he asked solemnly. "I think my toes are Indian. And this leg. Doesn't this leg look Indian to you?"


Lisa said...

hahah That is so cute! "Does this leg look Indian to you?" Kids. Gotta love them!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Lisa at Snarkypants

Nicole said...

I think my right elbow is Cherokee. Well, I know some part of me is, anyway.

Christine said...

Too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

GreenStyleMom said...

Cute story! I need to do some accurate history research before teaching my children about Thanksgiving. I'd like them to know a more realistic version.