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Friday, November 2, 2007

Playing Catchup

Funny how when my Internet access disappears for three days, the house suddenly becomes spotless. :x


I'm hoping my husband doesn't make the association.

*crossing fingers*

So let's play catch-up...

1. We picked the kids up from school on Halloween (instead of waiting for them to come home on the bus) to discover that Miss Zoe got a "bus ticket." What's that!? I asked the principal. Apparently, she was "suspended" from the bus for a day because she can't stay in her seat. Kindergarteners unable to stay seated!? Really!? I'm so shocked! It's a forty minute ride, folks. Which I pointed out to the principal. Anyway, she asked us, "What day would you like to pick her up from school?" Michael, thinking fast, said, "How about today?" Ha! So she's back on the bus again. Why don't busses have seatbelts, anyway? Isn't it rather dangerous for them not to, when you think about it??

2. Yesterday was the kids' dental appointment. (Perfect day, right after Halloween, right?) New dentist, since we just moved. No cavities, just a lecture about thumbsucking for both of them. School is actually helping in that department (I was hoping it would!)

3. Today is Blake's fourteenth birthday. Happy Birthday, Blake! He's with his dad and we won't see him until next weekend, but I'll call him tonight. I can't believe it's been fourteen years since he was a little baby...

How time flies!

4. I'm participating in NaBloPoMo or whatever it's called. (Look over in the sidebar --->) It's short for National Blog Posting Month. Which means I'm posting every day in November.

Let's hope my Internet access holds out!

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