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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Our little Zoe is our resident chatterbox. She never stops, unless she's sleeping. Michael says she's going to grow up to be a reporter. She has to tell us everything, even as it's happening.

Yesterday, she had a fever and I kept her home to take her to the doctor. Since Dmitri had strep last week, I figured that's what this was, and I was right. She missed her "special person day" at school, though. The "Student of the Day" gets to lead all the lines and share at show and tell, etc. Last night, she kept insisting, "I'll be fine tomorrow. I can go to school tomorrow and be the special person!"

"We'll see." That's all I'd say.

This morning, however, she poked her head into our room before our alarm went off.

"I'm dressed and ready to go!"

I groaned. "Zoe, it's still dark. Daddy hasn't even taken a shower yet."

"But I feel better!"

"I'm glad. Now go back to your room and wait until Daddy gets up."

Michael turned off the alarm with a sigh.

"Did I tell you about Stef's daughter?" I asked in the dark.


"She's fourteen now and living with them now. They got her a cell phone--for emergencies."

"This isn't going to turn out well."

"They told her they were sharing minutes and to only use it if she had to."


"Seven hundred dollars later..."

"Oh my god."

Our bedroom door opened again."Daddy, when are you going to take a shower?"

"In a minute."

"I've got my shoes and coat on. I'm ready to go."


Michael asked, "Did they at least take her cell phone away?"

"I think so."

"Mom, today's my special person day, I'm going to bring my whoopsie doll!"

"I know, honey. Can you go back to your room and play until it's time to go?"

"Are you going to take a shower yet, Daddy?"

"In a minute."

Zoe shut our door.

"They're making her get a job to pay it off."

"Good. Jeez. Teenagers."

"I know."

Our door opened again. "Mom, I get to lead the line on my special day, and I get to turn off the lights at nap time. I'm taking my whoopsie doll for show and tell. Can I take a muffin for a snack? We're having hamburgers for lunch today and I told Jordan I'd sit by her. She's my bestest friend. She brought her Bratz doll for show and tell last week. Can I have one? I'm going to ask Santa for Christmas. Daddy, are you going to take a shower yet?"

Michael groaned and sat up. "She is never, never, ever going to have a cell phone."


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JustJessie said...

That's too funny! Can you believe their little brains can produce that many words a minute?!