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Sunday, November 25, 2007

10 Things I'm Grateful For When I'm Sick

1. Flannel sheets

2. Popsicles - especially banana flavored ones

3. Constant Comment tea - with lots of sugar. Well, Splenda, now. And a splash of milk.

4. A warm, soft down comforter

5. Ricola cough drops - have to be original, though, not lemon.

6. The kind of Kleenex with the lotion in it. Just don't try to clean your glasses with them. Bad idea.

7. Lite canned peaches and toast.

8. Aspirin. It's white magic.

9. Michael's touch. I think he was a healer in a former life, I swear it.

10. Leftover antibiotics. (I know, I know! But I always get sick on the weekend, when I'd have to go to the ER to get any, or suffer until Monday - so thank goodness for penicillin I forgot to finish!)

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GreenStyleMom said...

I'm sorry you have been sick. If it makes you feel any better, I've been awful sick this week also... just finally feeling better. Fortunately I've been at my parents' house so my mom can take care of me and the kids!