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Monday, November 12, 2007

False Alarm?

There's nothing like waking up at two in the morning to the sound of an emergency siren...

We immediately thought "Tornado!" but the weather channels said nothing. And it isn't really tornado weather around here lately, although you never know.

I flipped through local channels. What would a siren at two in the morning mean besides a tornado? Nuclear war? A terrorist attack? What!?

We looked outside and saw all the neighbors had their lights on. Clearly, they'd heard the siren, too. It must mean something!

Michael called the local police. And got a recording. Hmph. I looked up the number for the county police department. (I wouldn't let him call 911--it wasn't an emergency. At least, not yet!)

There, we found our answer. Apparently, the local fire department is completely volunteer, so when there's a fire or emergency they need to respond to, the siren goes off to let them know.


So it was a false alarm--well, maybe not false. More like... misleading, or at least, misunderstood. Because this is apparently a one-size-fits-all-siren sort of town.

At least now we know where to call when it goes off to find out if it's a fire...or a terrorist attack...or nuclear war.

Good to know!


Sandy said...

Even though I laughed at this post. I live in the same situation. Sirens go off at all times, no one seems to care that it's the middle of the night. So when there's a fire, or false alarm, the whole town wakes up. You would think with todays technology, there would be a less invading way to alert the volunteer firemen to get going.

Visiting your blog from nablopomo. Glad you joined, I'm enjoying your posts!

Bee said...

... so they've not discover mobile phones yet?

How rural are you?

Country Dawn said...

Not THAT rural. But the signal out there sucks... I can only use my mobile about half the time. :x