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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Learning Curve

I'm still trying to reserve judgment about sending the littles to public school.

They're definitely learning a lot.

"Mom, what does 'o-p-e-n' spell?"


"What does 'n-e-p-o' spell?"

I raised my eyebrows in Michael's direction and smiled. He's famous for saying things backwards, just for fun. Apparently, it's genetic.


Dmitri laughed. "That's not a word."
"That's true. It's 'open' spelled backwards."

"What does g-o-r-m-e-t spell?"

(this one was rather impressive - the letters were cursive!)

"Um, it's supposed to spell gourmet...but they spelled it wrong."

Michael interjected, "No, they didn't."

I rolled my eyes at him. "I know how to spell gourmet."

"You haven't heard of the Gormet olive? It's a special kind of olive from Sicely."

"Are you pulling my leg again?" I blinked at him. He loves doing that. "Is this like the time you told me that Art Garfunkle does art?"

"He does! Look it up on the Internet!"

"Can I look up 'Gormet Olives' too?"

"No one's stopping you."

"Mom, what does 'b-a-b-y' spell?"
"Are you and dad going to make another baby?"

"We could."
"Can I watch?"
"Um... no."
"How come?"
"It's kind of like Santa Claus. You know how he can't come until after you're asleep?"

Michael grinned, squeezed my knee and whispered: "And neither can Daddy."

"Mom, what does 'd-r-u-g-s' spell?"

"Drugs! Those are bad for you!"
"They sell the good kind. The ones that help people get better."

"Oh. Okay."
Yep, they're sure learning a lot...

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Christine said...

Kids say the funniest things!