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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8: 13 Queens

1. Elizabeth

2. Queen (the band)

3. Queen from Snow White

6. The Snow Queen (Narnia)

(Angelica Houston was the best one!)

8. Drama Queen

9. The Queen (movie)

10. Nathan Lane from The Birdcage

11. Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice)

13. My Queen Size Bed

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Thursday Thirteen Participants
1. Hope
2. pussreboots
3. ellen b
4. Lara
5. beth
6. jenn
7. susiej
8. KC
9. The Pink Flamingo
10. marcia v.
11. Raggedy
12. Deb
13. Holly
14. julia

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Hope said...

Queens...Cool...not at all what I had expected....I liked your TT...

pussreboots said...

Entertaining list. Happy TT.

ellen b said...

ha! How creative of you! Happy TT...

busy91 said...

Clever list. My favorite Queens are Elizabeth I and CARRIE!! LOL!

Lara Angelina said...

Great TT!! I love that you added Nathan Lane in The Birdcage -- that movie is beyond hysterical!! I never realized there were so many different "queens"!!

Nicholas said...

The Queen from Snow White was really scary when I was seven!

jenn said...

Dairy Queen....yummy!
Happy TT!

Maria said...

Hey, loved this!!!!! I'd add Halle Berry in Alex Haley's "Queen." Anyway, head on over to mine to get your name on my list and check out my thirteen immunity boosters for the cold/flu season.



susiej said...

I'm ready for number 13! That was an interesting list. But -- aren't you a queen too?!!

WorksForMom said...

This was fun! I love the group Queen. You have to do a King's list next week!

KC said...

Great list of queens.. Love the queen bed, LOL
Happy t13

Sandy Carlson said...

Bring on No. 5! Please! Great list.

Malcolm: said...

When I saw the subject of your TT, I said to myself that this should be interesting. I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of queens that you chose for this list. Is that you or one of your kids in the 2nd pic at #8?

Yen said...

What a great list! :D

Mine is up here;
Thursday Thirteen
Happy TT!

Joyismygoal said...

that was fun, what a versatile word:>

Raggedy said...

Your Drama Queen is adorable!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Holly said...

Also not what I expected - very creative! I like Queen of the Damned and Dairy Queen.


DrillerAA said...

I gotta admit Dairy Queen is my favorite...on several levels, but mostly on the Xtreme Chocolate Blizzard level.

Have a great TT

julia said...

I'm with Nicholas - Snow White really freaked me out as a young kid! I DO love Dairy Queen, though.

Christine said...

My fsvorite Queen is definitely Dairy Queen! Yum!! :P

Siani said...

Great, fun list. For some reason, I expected 13 drag queens, LOL. Happy TT!

Kelly said...

Love the Queen in Narnia (or White Witch) Your blog is awesome- I wil take more time to puruse it tonight- happy homeschooling!