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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10: 13 Turkeys

13 Turkeys

1. Turkey (the country)

2. Wild Turkey

3. Jive Turkey
Golden Turkey Awards
5. Going
Cold Turkey
6. Fried Turkey

7. Turkey Jerky

8. Turkey Vulture

9. Turkey Trot (Dance made popular in the 1900’s)
10. WKRP’s famous
Turkey Drop (I thought turkeys could fly!)
11. Bowling Turkey: 3 strikes in a row

12. Turkey Shoot
13. And my favorite... Thanksgiving Turkey!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


jenn said...

The first time I saw a sign for a turkey shoot, I thought it was men trying to shoot turkeys! Boy, did hubby laugh at me!

Happy TT!

SJ Reidhead said...

You get points for creativity and #2!

The Pink Flamingo

Nicholas said...

It's taken me 20 years to forget the WKRP Turkey drop! Now I'll have to start all over again!

Shesawriter said...

Now that was cute! :-) I especially like the fried turkey one because I've been wanting to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving for a long time, only my husband is afraid I might burn the house down in the process! :-)

Lori said...

What an awesome list....Happy TT.

Janet said...

I never tasted a fried turkey...but I have taken a picture of a turkey vulture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fondofelves/190301784/

No Nonsense Girl said...

soo great happy thanksgiving!!!!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I love turkey vultures... and my neighbors are from Turkey. Does this mean I'm a turkey?

Happy TT! Great, clever list this week! Have a great holiday, too.

stephanie said...

Brilliant idea! Love it - especially the WKRP reference.

Nicely done.

(My TT is at the A-Lister site)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Morgan Leigh said...

:) Love it! Happy TT!

crazy working mom said...

Very creative! I love it. :)
Nice job on this one.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy "Turkey" day to you.

Sassy Lucy said...

Outstanding Thanksgiving T13 and you are the 2nd person to remind me of the WKRP Turkey Drop today, that was a classic!

*Rae* said...

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy TT Nice list wild turkey isnt half bad depends on what you mix it with lol Have a good one

dearjenn said...

Love the 13 turkeys! Thanks for visiting!

grace said...

I would love to try the fried Turkey. Yum!

momg said...

Wow, I never knew all these turkeys, if not for your list!

Toni said...

This so interesting!!! I had a grin on my face all throughout the 13 items. :D

Secret Agent Mama said...

How totally classic, original, creative, and humorous! WAY to GO!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Mocha Mom said...

LOL- Loved this list! I had never heard of Wild Turkey before until my husband's employer gave him a bottle one year for Thanksgiving, neither of us drink (he only drinks beer), so we sat it out for the garbage men to take. I am sure they enjoyed it! Happy thanksgiving, loved your list!!

Holly said...

This was a CUTE one! Very creative and made me laugh this Thanksgiving Day morn'

Happy TT-13 AND Happy Thanksgiving Day!


jayedee said...

great list! happy thanksgiving and tt!

Mommychicky said...

Very funny TT! Happy Thanksgiving.

Malcolm: said...

Good job of thinking outside the box for your TT during Thanksgiving week. Mr. Carlson's line from that "WKRP" episode still cracks me up. I also liked the insight that Wikipedia provided in regards to the use of the term "jive turkey" by TV characters during the 1970s.